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Social media is playing a much larger role in many businesses’ online marketing strategy. In fact, did you know that it’s overtaken porn as the number one online activity? Proof? The Fast Company article 10 Surprising Social Media Statistics That Will Make You Rethink Your Social Strategy, states, “Apparently it’s the most common thing we do online… It’s […]

Using Facebook for marketing your business is honestly a no-brainer. You can do so much on Facebook, mostly free, that you just can’t pass it up as a great marketing opportunity for your business. Set Up a Business Page In order to set up a business page on Facebook, you first need a personal page. […]

Just because the social media autopilot options are out there doesn’t mean you need to use them, let alone abuse them. The whole point of social media is real-time communication and interaction. Conversations change within hours. Hot topics one minute could be taboo the next. That doesn’t mean you can’t schedule a tweet or Facebook […]

Social media marketing is the “big thing” when it comes to business promotion. It is your social media presence that creates brand recognition. It helps you scour the market for new customers also making sure you don’t forget the old relationships in the bid to create new ones. That is why entrepreneurs are dedicating more […]

There is a myriad of tools available today to help you automate your social media activity. While I’m a big fan of making things easier and becoming more productive without putting in more effort, I think total automation is dangerous, and I will explain why later on in this article. But first, let’s explore how […]